English, English, English!

In light of recent events, I have decided to renew an old tradition. and translate a post  into English for the sake of those readers, Facebook friends and other acquaintances who do not speak Hebrew fluently. I have chosen a post stating the D'aherist position most clearly,  regarding the so-called "third intifada", and surprise surprise – Daher's great contemporary,  Kant, also has a say. The following was originally published on October 9 and edited and cut just a little.

Yesterday I have posted a Facebook post that reads –

"Good morning Third Intifada!. Today, like all Israeli citizens, I'll go to work without knowing whether during the day I will not come up against a terrorist with a knife like in Petah Tikva and Kiryat Gat, or stumble upon nationalist Arab riots like in Jaffa and Lod, on my way to and from work which necessarily passes through Arab villages. I have no confidence in the ability of the failed leaderships of both  peoples to resolve the situation. I have no confidence that the security forces are wise enough to calm the situation rather than escalate it. I have confidence in myself and what I can do. In the face of hatred, I can spread some love. Rather than boycott Arab businesses, as I am urged to do by nationalist friends, I will buy in an Arab shop, I will call an Arab friend and ask him how he is. I will repulse all hatred. If enough people set off to their daily work with this this feeling, the story can come to a different ending."

Well. it was pretty calm within a hundred meters of me until I went back home at around seven in the evening. Then a Knifeman in Afula tried to kill a soldier very close to my office. Afula's finest were not fast enough to lynch him, because the guys who neutralised the knifeman at first had a good measure of common sense and responsibility, but it's not for lack of trying. Afula, you know. Tradition is tradition. But no hateful energy goes to waste in Afula, and the lynch mob went on to hit a TV crue for an Israeli channel covering the event, using an Arab broadcaster, and some of the crue were hospitalized.

Since childhood I have witnessed  several rounds of race riots in Afula. The last time was a year and a half ago, after the murder of local girl Shelly Dadon (rest in peace). The restaurant that the rioters in this Sodom of the valley have sieged in those riots, demanding the surrender of two random Arabs who found refuge in it, is a minute's walk from my office, and I eat lunch there at least once a week (Real good root salad. With salmon. Really!).

I think the next few days are going to be a riot. literally. Friday morning. I believe the police will be busy with what happens when Arabs leave the mosques in Nazareth and that is a good time for a lynch mob to hunt Arabs in Afula's main streets, as LEHAVA people did yesterday in Jerusalem, and so did other race gangs in Netanya. If you are an Arab reading this – If you get hit in Arlosoroff street just cut one street to the right. The street parallel to the synagogue. HaKnesset 3 street. Come and you will get a glass of water, and I'll drive you wherever you need. In one of the previous rounds, in 1985, after the murder of two teachers in Gilboa, I worked in a grocery store, and when Arabs were beaten in the streets, two Arabs came terribly frightened and my boss hid them behind the dairy refrigerator . I do not have a  dairy fridge. But I have a hoe stick that I carry with me.I'll protect you with my body.

This is the personal decision Intifada. Both sides have no organized leadership. The pathetic group of thugs who spoke yesterday on TV were posing as the government of the state of Israel, its prime minister, the commander of its army, the commissioner of its police. They have no control over what happens. You and I do. At any given moment we have to decide. Join a lynch mob? Take to the streets to stab a Jew? beat an Arab? Throw a stone at a policeman? Post a hateful post to Facebook? If more people will decide not to do these things rather than deciding to do them, the good ones will win. The good ones is anyone who wants to live and let others live, not to kill and kill others.

Currently the good ones are a minority. And that is why personal decision is often not Kantian and moral in nature but mere survivalist. Get to Afula through Kafr Manda or Sakhnin? flip a coin. Deal with whatever comes out. The same option is also on the way back. If I do make it home there is a peace vigil in Carmiel at noon, organized by 'Women Make Peace' and 'Social Justice – Keshet Karmiel'. And guess what – their profile picture for the event on Facebook shows me domonstrating last August in the Zuk Eytan war. I look tired and weary as that I have just came back from the seminar in the Czech Republic and Radagast beer stil flowed in my veins. Next to me is Naama, and real movie star Mohammed Bakri. Maybe they will come today? Worth checking.

So have a great day. Don't get stabbed. Don't stab anyone else.  And remember – Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.

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