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Since this post deals with international subjects I have decided to translate it.

Good riddance Stephen Harper. It's a kind of Netanyahu, just more embarrassing, Harper ruled Canada since 2006, and finally Canadian citizens saw fit to get rid of him. It can really happen!. In 2014, I was at a seminar with a Canadian Professor Whose name I will  not reveal, and after a few beers he started complaining Stephen Harper, and I thought that as the Israeli proverb goes – a common trouble is a fools' solace. Anyway he's out. His replacement Justin Trudeau seems like a nice enough guy.Canadians take great pride in the fact that half their ministers are women. We have three women out of 21 (seventh), but what sucks is that not less than five ministers (Prime Minister, Minister of Communications, Minister of Regional Cooperation, Foreign Minister, Minister of Economy) are called Benjamin Netanyahu.

So there is a Canadian woman on Facebook named Alana Phillips who is very proud of her government and she wrote down a kind of list of ministers and how special they are.  I came to compare. So I will take the Phillips', and compare to our government. I will give points according to the list (in the case of a tie there will be no distribution points) and see what happens.

Phillips – we have a Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Israel – We have a minister for the protection of the environment. A political appointment, not really an MK. Former CEO of Bezeq communications services, an economist by training. It is not clear what's his connection to environmental issues. He has no real track record in green issues. What's his standing regarding climate change? What is Israel's position on the subject? Unclear. We continue to burn fossil fuels like crazy, and the debate on the outline of the gas settlement is on how much tychoon Yitzchak Tshuva can rob us, not what the best clean source of energy might be. Canada: 1. Israel: 0.

Phillips – we have a minister of immigration, citizenship and refugees. Israel – Come on … we have internment camps for refugees and the dispute between the Supreme Court and the Knesset is how long a refugee should stay in jail without trial. Canada: 2 Israel 0.

Phillips – our Prime Minister is a science fiction geek. Israel – I'm not sure what Netanyahu's cultural preferences are. Some of his actions do seem outlandish. I'm not sure what can lead to a point in this round. Declare a draw.

Phillips – Our health minister is really Doctor. Israel – Finally we have a Minister of Health! But this achievement does not hide the embarrassing fact that the minister finally appointed is an ultraorthodox politician With no medical expertise who only knows how to move money around and oppose the construction of parking lots in hospitals where archaeological digs have uncovered some ancient bones. Canada – Israel 3 – 0.

Phillips – our minister of family, children and social development is a poverty economist. I do not know what a poverty economist is. The closest ministry here may be the ministry of economy. It used to be manned by bribe taking Der'i. Today it is neo-liberal Netanyahu. We have some poverty economists in the Knesset. Yossi Yona perhaps could be taken as such despite not being an economist. Or Eli Elalouf. For some reason, neither of them serves in the government. Canada – Israel 4 – 0.

Phillips – our science minister is indeed a scientist! Israel – The minister of Science is Ofir Akunis. He holds a BA in Political Science. Indeed a science, but not the kind that the Ministry of Science practices. In comparison, Canadian Minister Kirsty Duncan is a medical geographer, has a doctorate in geography, investigating the reasons for the geographical spread of epidemics. Incidentally, the closest thing we had in government to a scientist is Benny Begin, who was Minister without Portfolio, pushed aside and resigned. Canada – Israel 5 – 0.

Phillips – Our Minister of the status of women is indeed a woman! Israel – Ms. Gila Gamliel is the minister of social equality, somehow dealing with the equality of women. Barely a tie.

Phillips – Our minister is a  veterans is quadriplegic, shot in a drive by shooting. Israel – minister of veterans? Disabled Minister? What?  Have we here disabled persons? Or wars? Canada – Israel 6 – 0.

Phillips – Minister of Employment and Labor Development here is a geologist. Israel – Our minister of Labour and Social Affairs is an electronics technician. Who takes? I also declared a draw here.

Phillips – Our Minister for Democratic Institutions is a Muslim refugee. Israel – Minister for Democratic Institutions? A minister being a refugee? A Muslim minister? What are we, Canada? Canada – Israel 7 – 0.

Phillips – Our sport and people with disabilities minister is a paralympic athlete. Israel – Our Sports Minister is Miri Regev. Nothing to do with sport. We have no minister to people with disabilities. I think another point to Canada. Canada – Israel 8 – 0.

Phillips – our defense minister is a war hero, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and a police officer. Israel – Defense Minister is former General Moshe Ya'alon. No doubt of his  valor. I also declare a draw here. By the way, you should peek and see who is the defense minister of Canada. He's soooo cool. We'll never have one here.

Phillips – Our Minister of Transport is an astronaut! Israel – no astronauts here. but Israel Katz must have a driving license. It is also declared a draw.

Phillips – half of our ministers are women. Israel – seventh of our ministers are Women. In fact, Netanyahu has more offices than those deposited by women. Canada – Israel 9 – 0.

Philllips. Half of our ministers are men. The other side of the same coin. Does not count in the score. (Almost tempted a chauvinist statement – who is really a man in our government?).

Phillips – Two of our ministers are members of "First Nations". Our equivalent (barely) is Arab minorities. We do not have any in government. Canada – Israel 10 – 0.

Phillips – Three of our ministers were born outside of Canada. Israel – I have not checked it out. I counted four quite easily – Elkin, Shalom, Der'i and Azoulay. So here's the first point to Israel. Hurrah! Canada – 10. Israel – 1.

Phillips – Two of our ministers are Sikhs. Israel – We have no Sikkim in government or outside of it. So even though Sikhs are cool with hats and mustaches, I do not see an advantage with their presence in the Israeli government. Tie.

Phillips – at least one of our ministers is a Muslim. Israel – none of our ministers is a Muslim. The percentage of Muslims in Canada is 3.2%. in Israel about 16.5%. Another point to Canada. Canada – Israel 11 – 1.

Phillips – at least two of our ministers are atheists. Israel – no sane politician in Israel would declare that he is an atheist. They have no problem to declare a range of extreme fundamentalist beliefs. On the other hand I do not think there is a contention between atheism and being smarter or more talented than others, so I do not see any advantage in their presence in the government. Except for some nice statement about the diversity of thought. It would be a draw, but barely.

Phillips – One of the ministers is fighting breast cancer. Israel – The health of our ministers is the best-kept secret, and our Prime Minister was taken for medical treatment in the cabin of a bread truck. Moreover, as the number of women in government increases, so does the chance of a having one fighting breast cancer. Anyway, I see no reason to give here a score. Except for applauding Canadians for their government's transparency and openness

Philips – one of our ministers is in a wheelchair. Israel – not one. As far as I know. But this matter has already been discussed, has it not?

Phillips – one of our ministers is blind. Israel – Well … tempted to say that all our ministers appear to be blind. But I do not laugh about such things. I wish we had ministers who have disabilities themselves and can feel empathy and sensitivity and understanding of the needs from first. Canada – Israel 12 – 1.

Philips – one of the ministers is openly gay. Israel – our government is full of homophobes. Canada – Israel 13 – 1.

Philips – one of our ministers is red headed. Israel –  What does it matter? Declare a draw. (After publishing the Hebrew version of this post I was told that Canadians have strong cultural bias against red heads, This may seem very weird here, but we have tons of irational biases ourselves so despite this fact I will not give any points here)

Phillips – one of the ministers has a twirly mustache. Israel – We have several with mustaches and beards. Although Naoodif Baines' is really impressive, I'm not sure how he would fare on a one on one against Litzmann, for example. So we closed a draw here, too.

The result is of course 13: 1 in favor of Canada.

So here is the greatest thing to come out of Canada singing of Israel's PM and government:

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