Redemption (English version)

English translation of this morning's post – תרגום לאנגלית של הפוסט מהבוקר

Trump's election as president of the United States came as no surprise to Israeli government officials. It has been clear for months that the Trump phenomenon is unstoppable, and as early as June Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has instructed her office staff to prepare an action plan for the day after. When published, this plan has been criticized as it circled around the idea of awarding the newly elect president with a model of the third temple built upon the Temple Mount, with a neon sign be placed at the forefront of the building advertising the Hotel Trump built to entertain the pilgrims.
The first few days were surprisingly unalarming. The inauguration speech in January 2017 was remarkably mild, and spoke of unity and world peace. In his first Shabbat in office the president went to a synagogue, accompanied by his daughter Ivanka who is married to a Jew, and was photographed with a large skullcap on his head, shaking hands with the community rabbi. Things started to crumble when a deal was exposed, in which Iran was allowed a free hand anywhere in the Middle East if it would allow non-Muslim ethnic minorities alcohol consumption, and give exclusive import rights to the brand 'Trump Vodka'. When Netanyahu tried to convince Congress to vote against the deal, Trump announced that he was 'persona non grata' and prohibited his entry into the United States.
The main problem has been his domestic policy. When the NY Times exposed recordings in which he spoke about 'fucking Bleeding heart Jewish Liberals' in the context of the resistance movement that secretly harbored Islamic prayer, and hid Hispanics and Muslims that have been marked for deportation, it was clear that despite the Trump family context, the president is not afraid of harsh statements against the Jews. When members of the cell responsible for strategic explosions in the wall being built between the US and Mexico were arrested , and it turned out that the center of the underground is a Jewish Conservative synagogue in the town of Ford's Meadows near Houston, Texas, many realized that the writing is on the wall.
Woody Allen was the first to exercise his right under the Law of Return. He settled in Kibbutz Lotan in the Arava, and was actually the first Israeli citizen who won an Oscar for his remake or  the classic 'Daliah and the sailors' filmed entirely in the kibbutz' goat pen, using one Thirty-five mm. shoulder camera, considered as a model of style and the swan song of the celebrated director. Bob Dylan's absorption in Kibbutz Beth-Alpha was not long in coming. His  album, 'Alpha and Beta', heavily influenced by Mizrahi music and including Mawalim by Eyal Golan failed miserably in the world, although two songs were able to enter the playlist of Galgalatz. These two led to the largest influx of immigrants who arrived in Israel since the nineties.
American immigrant absorption was much easier than that of the Soviet immigrants in the nineties. The Immigrants were mainly well to do, some Hebrew speakers, many of them returning residents. Trump's third year as president has already seen two and a half million Jewish citizens who had left the United States, mor than half of whom arrived in Israel.
The threat that if the 'reformed Judaism law' will not pass in the Kennesset the religious parties will exit the coalition has been effective. Not only were the Mikveh ritual baths returned to the  exclusive control of the Chief Rabbinate, and the unisex prayer area in the western wall canceled, there were also more sundry prohibitions like the humiliating prohibition to address reformed clergy as rabbis and reformed houses of worship as synagogues.  An appeal against the Prohibition of tefillin for women was pending in the Supreme Court when the trial of Anat Hoffman ensued. The fact that she used to attend court wrapped in a prayer shawl and phylacteries only inflamed the spirits, and the relatively moderate sentencing – six-month suspended sentence and a fine of ten thousand NIS, did not help to calm down. The fact that the Reform community in Israel has numbered one million people by that time, has not really been absorbed the decision makers in the Likud party.
When Bernie Sanders joined Meretz, everyone said it was a gimmick. But polls began to show the profound demographic change and changing patterns among Israeli voters. The union with the Israeli Labor Party was not long in coming. Sanders appointed Shelly Yechimovich as his deputy and his future successor. Indeed, the two shared similar socialist rhetoric. The new founded party was called "redemption". When Sanders was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for peace due to his heroic escape from the detention camp at Guantanamo and his opposition to tyrant Trump, about three months before the election, it was a real PR boom, even when the battle between three Israeli F-35's and the joint Iranian-Russian-American air force over Syrian airspace got its own big headlines in Israeli media.
On his first day as prime minister Sanders has canceled the millet system, arguing that it is archaic and not democratic. A Peace Conference was initiated by the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other moderate Arab countries. But the warm embrace Sanders gave Abbas signaled the true political direction. Sanders' speech at the conference is considered Israel's Gettysburg Address and a sign of a new era. With the overthrow of Trump by Congress because of his entanglement in the 'Putin Gate' affair, the two hundred billion dollars bribe paid for turning a blind eye to the occupation of Belgium by Russia, it was possible to start evaluating the tectonic movements in world affairs between 2017 and 2020. The warm handshake between President Hillary Clinton who finally won the 2020 elections, and prime minister Sanders showed that although the wounds were deep, healing was on its way.

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