Shindo Renmei – English version

Listen to a story. Once upon a time, in the early 20th century, there occurred mass immigration of Japanese to Brazil. These guys were pretty prosperous and built quite isolated communities, they talked between themselves Japanese and had very little contact with the outside world.
In 1941, Brazil joined the Allies, and even sent an expeditionary force that fought on the Italian front. But allas – Japan was on the side of the axis. The Brazilian Japanese felt threatened and created all kinds of secret societies, including one called Shindo Renmei – the way of the faithful to the emperor or something like that. My Japanese is not very good.
In 1945 something very sad happened, and Japan surrendered. Shindo Renmei called the news of the Japanese surrender 'American Jewish propaganda', and claimed that in fact Japan has won the war, and the Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas traveled to Tokyo to personally submit the Brazilian surrender to the emperor. This of course had no effect on Brazilian newspapers that continued to write that Japan lost, because unfortunately that is what really happened. So the Shindo Renmei began to kill anyone who insisted that the Allies won, and begun burning newspaper offices and such.
Brazilian government began a wave of arrests, but to no avail. When they got to 26 dead and several hundred wounded, the Brazilian government had the sense to appoint a very wise man named Macedo Soares to negotiate with Shindo Renmei leaders. Soares agreed immediately that the Japanese really really really won the war, and landed in San Francisco and New York, and President Vargas surrendered personally to Hirohito, and forbade the Brazilian newspaper to print any information claiming that Japan had surrendered. This is more or less silenced the Shindo Renmei and they stopped killing.
It ended in 1950 when a Japanese swimmer came to a swimming competition in Brazil, and told the stunned Brazilians that Japan had in fact surrendered. At first Shindo Renmei claimed he was really Korean, but he was obviously Japanese, and everybody was tired of the whole thing and nobody wanted to do anything about it and the story ends.
So there are many things you can learn from this story, but today, November 9th 2016, I learn one thing –
Hillary Clinton is the president of the United States after winning the election, and I forbid to publish everywhere under my control – this blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, and in the print media (of which I am not in control but can avoid reading) any mention of the Republican propaganda to the effect that Trump won .
Shindo Renmei!

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